your specialist in trading with used sail and motor yachts. As your yacht partner, we constantly offer a wide range of single and multiple hull boats from renowned shipyards. We are specialist in trading with used sail and motor yachts.

Whether you like to sell or buy a used yacht, you benefit from years of experience in the boat industry. As Soon you have listed your yacht, we are informing potential boat buyers thru our marketing network. This guarantees the highest level of both local and global exposure.

Intend selling your boat?

Benefit from decades of industry experience and market knowledge. We have the best deals for you and your family.

Why use a yacht sales specialist?

Usually it involves too much time and value to risk doing it on your own. A Yacht Dealer protects and promotes the interest of his client, just like a real estate agent when selling your property.

  • Consultation in the determination of the selling price
  • Exposé creation and marketing via our network and relevant Internet portals
  • Conducting visits and negotiations for sales in consultation with you
  • Safe handling of all formalities and money transfer